Saturday, May 31, 2003

Pilgrimage, Part 2: Walsingham

Continuing my photos of the 2003 Walsingham pilgrimage. See part 1 here.

Anglican Shrine
The 11th Station: Jesus is nailed to the cross
Orthodox Chapel of St Seraphim
Icon of Our Lady of Walsingham
St Mary's, Little Walsingham
East window, designed by John Hayward in 1964
Walsingham Abbey
Bridge over pedestrian tunnel
Looking east
East window arch of priory church, with Anglican Shrine in background
Facing in opposite direction from last picture - southeast
Remains of priory church - base of west pillar and east windon arch
Court room
Chapel of Reconciliation
Icon of Our Lady of Walsingham
Saints of England
Slipper Chapel
West window, designed by Alfred Fisher in 1997
Friary Ruins
Assumption, West Barsham
Basket windows, 11th century or earlier
South porch
St Peter's, Great Walsingham
View from the east
The nave
Side altar
Pre-Reformation glass
Pre-Reformation glass depicting the Coronation of the Virgin
Holy Transfiguration Church
Russian Orthodox church in Great Walsingham
St Withburga & St Fursey
Anglican Shrine
Chapel of St Wilfrid & St Cuthbert
Annunciation window

Pilgrimage, Part 1: London, Canterbury, and Ely

The rector of my old Anglo-Catholic parish leads a pilgrimage to Walsingham every two or three years. In May 2003 I was among the pilgrims who visited London, Canterbury, Ely, Walsingham, and Oxford. All of these photos were taken with a 35mm camera and transferred to a CD as part of the film processing. I originally posted them on the Kodak website shortly after the pilgrimage, but they could only remain up there as long as someone purchased prints of the photos every six months, so they evaporated sometime in 2004. Anticipating that demise, I copied all of my photo captions to a file so that I could recreate it when the opportunity arose. This first post (of two) covers the pre-Walsingham portion of the pilgrimage. We stayed in London, made a day trip to Canterbury Cathedral, and stopped at Ely Cathedral on our way to Walsingham. The second post will cover our time in Walsingham. I don't seem to have taken any pictures in Oxford.

London Churches
St Paul's Knightsbridge: Chapel of St Luke
St Michael's Priory: London house of the Community of the Resurrection
Brompton Oratory: Chapel of Our Lady of Victories
Canterbury Cathedral
Jesus Chapel
Martyrdom shrine, through cloister door

Prior's stall in the Chapter House
Tomb of Edward, the Black Prince
St Gabriel's Chapel
Romanesque painting in the apse of St Gabriel's Chapel
Holy Trinity, Sloane Street, London
North aisle window, designed by William Blake Richmond
North aisle window depicting English saints
Ely Cathedral
14th-century painting in St Edmund's Chapel
St Dunstan's Chapel (?)
St Paul's, Knightsbridge
Community of the Resurrection
Brompton Oratory
Holy Trinity, Sloane Street
Ely Cathedral