Thursday, March 29, 2007

More Old E-mail

I have unearthed my best writings from the past decade and uploaded them to my blog. I took advantage of the blogger feature that lets you backdate posts in order to label them with the dates when I actually wrote them (or a close approximation when I could not determine the actual date). Several of these essays were originally posted to e-mail discussion lists (like Canon 1024 and OrthodoxAnglican) or on-line discussion boards (like UCMPage and its successor Christ Talk). But I also included my written-up notes from three interesting lectures, plus the book report and final exam from my systematic theology class. I have labeled them all Old E-mail because, even if they were not originally composed as e-mail, I used e-mail to distribute them to friends at the time.

I will probably continue to add older, backdated material in the future, but at a much slower pace than has been the case this month.


Mari said...

Thank you for making this clearer. Otherwise I was going to ask for a ride in that time machine you were using. There are some errands I need to run in it.

Roland said...

You mean like paying your property taxes at the old, pre-gentrification valuation?