Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paschal Greetings

During the 39 days from Pascha until Ascension, we Orthodox Christians exchange the Paschal greeting: Christ is risen! Indeed, he is risen! To make it more interesting, we repeat it in many languages - most often the common Orthodox liturgical languages like Greek, Slavonic, Arabic, and Romanian, but occasionally in more obscure languages. In the past couple of weeks I have heard Albanian, Georgian, Syriac, and various native Alaskan languages, among others. But I also learned it in a couple of modern North American dialects:

Word up!
True dat!

He's back.

If you know any other non-serious variations on the Paschal greeting, please post them as responses.


Anonymous said...

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Sara K. said...

I have been trying to think of a clever Idaho way to say it...but to now avail! Just wanted you to know I was thinking of it! :)