Sunday, July 24, 2011

County 4-H Fair

Last Sunday, while I was visiting my parents in Indiana, I attended the local 4-H fair. There was an open house at the agricultural museum with demonstrations including soap making, rope making, and a 19th-century one-room school. I went back again the next day for the annual gathering of my mom's family at the fair. We had lunch in the ag museum and then talked until well into the afternoon. I took some photos, mostly of old tractors.

My uncle's 1920s John Deere tractors
My uncle's 1950s Ford tractors, modified with V-8 engines
Art deco tractor #1: 1952 Oliver
Art deco tractor #2: 1956 Cockshutt
1940s Allis-Chalmers
1939 McCormick-Deering Farmall
Tractor ride for the kids
1935 Silver King

Other modes of transportation on display in the ag museum.
Small covered wagon
1901 Oldsmobile

Forty years ago my cousins dominated the dairy barn at the fair. Today their kids dominate . . . the small animal barn.
My cousins' chickens
My cousin's rabbits
Newly hatched chicks in the incubator


Mari said...

I see the covered wagon and worry about dying of dysentery.
Umm, chicken, rabbits, yum.

Janet said...

Reminds me of the song "In my merry Oldsmobile"

Sara K. said...

Oh how I love a good fair! The Western Idaho Fair was always the week and weekend before school started in Boise and we always went. Somehow it always signals for me the epitome of summer! Nice to have you back in the blogosphere!