Sunday, November 22, 2009

Melito's Reproaches

O lawless Israel, what is this new injustice you have done,
casting strange sufferings on your Lord?
Your master who formed you,
who made you,
who honored you,
who called you Israel.

He it was who led you into Egypt,
and guarded you there and sustained you.
He it was who lit up your way with a pillar,
and sheltered you with a cloud.
He cut the Red Sea open, leading you through,
and destroyed the enemy.

He it is who gave you manna from heaven,
who gave you drink from a rock,
who gave you the law at Horeb,
who gave you the inheritance in the land,
who sent you the prophets,
who raised up kings for you.

He it is who, coming to you,
helaed your suffering and raised your dead.
He it is whom you outraged,
he it is whom you blasphemed,
he it is whom you oppressed,
he it is whom you killed,
he it is whom you extorted,
demanding from him two drachmas as the price of his head.

His gifts to you are beyond price,
yet you held them worthless when you thanked him,
repaying him with ungrateful acts;
evil for good,
affliction for joy,
and death for life.
On this account you had to die.

On Pascha 81, 84-86, 90
by Melito of Sardis
translated by Alistair Stewart-Sykes.


George Patsourakos said...

Christ did so much for Israel. His priceless help was incredible.

Yet, Israel did not show respect for Christ, as He was crucified.

Roland said...

The Reproaches are sung on Good Friday in the Western Rite during the Veneration of the Cross. You can read an English translation of the text here and hear Tomas Luis de Victoria's setting (in Latin) here.

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